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The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s Board of Directors comprises of representatives of the Association’s member companies, including tire producers, rubber processors and their suppliers.

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The Board of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada:

Maureen Kline,
Pirelli Tire Inc.
Paul Downey,
1st Vice-Chair
Pliteq Inc.
Antoine Sautenet,
2nd Vice-Chair
Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.
Matt Livigni,
Continental Tire Canada Inc.
Neil Bansal

Western Rubber Group
 Chris Bitsakakis

AirBoss of America Corp.
 Paul Christou

Goodyear Canada Inc.
Keshav Das

BKT Tires (Canada) Inc.
Lou Monico

Giti Tire (Canada) Ltd.
Robert Rist

Cabot Canada Ltd.
Pam Scarrow

Bridgestone Canada Inc.

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

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