Winter Tire Cost Calculator

This calculator will compare the costs of equipping your vehicle with a single set of tires (such as All-Season/Summer/All-Season 3PMS) versus the choice of adding a second set of dedicated winter tires (either with or without extra rims/wheels) to your seasonal driving routine.

1.  Begin by entering your annual mileage information below.

2. Complete the “Current Situation” table to provide the estimated value of your current tires and estimated related costs.

3. Enter values for “Option 1” and “Option 2” based on the winter tire purchase scenarios. (default values in the calculator can be overwritten). As the information is entered the results at the bottom will be automatically recalculated.

Kilometres Driven

Add Tire Options

Current Situation: 1 Set of Tires

Estimate values for your vehicle

All-Season/Summer/All-Season 3PMS Tires

Other Related Costs

Option 1: 2 Sets of Tires — No extra rims/wheels

Winter Tires

Other Related Costs

Option 2: 2 Sets of Tires — With extra rims/wheels

Winter Tires

Other Related Costs

Results — Current vs Winter Options

Current vs Option 1

Current vs Option 2

Monthly and Annual Cost Breakdown

1 set
2 sets without extra wheels
(Option 1)
2 sets with extra wheels
(Option 2)
Average annual cost
Average monthly cost
Average cost per 100 km

Km driven in 5 years:

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