Fuel Efficient Tires

Low rolling resistance (LRR) tires help save energy by requiring less rolling effort which helps improve fuel efficiency.

We all know a more aerodynamic car moves through the air more efficiently. A similar force comes into play when different components of the tire flex under the weight of the moving vehicle. This results in energy loss known as “rolling resistance.” Tire rolling resistance is the energy that your vehicle needs to send to tires to maintain movement. It is the effort required to keep a tire rolling. The more rolling resistance vehicle needs to overcome, the greater will be the fuel consumption.

Tire manufacturers continue to improve factors such as tread patterns, rubber compound formulations, and tire construction to lower rolling resistance by 10 to 20% which, depending on your driving conditions, can earn you a 2 to 4% improvement in fuel economy without any extra effort. This means that if you spend $2,600 annually on fuel, like the average Canadian household, you can save over $100 every year.

When it comes to saving fuel, tires have come a long way. A simple switch to fuel efficient tires can make your daily commute easier on your wallet and the environment.

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