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Tire Registration

Registering your tires allows you to receive direct notifications from tire manufacturers in the event of a product recall. That’s why registering your tires is an important part of ensuring that your vehicle and its passengers stay safe on the road.

The Association and its members, together with Transport Canada, strongly encourage consumers to always register their new tires upon purchase.

What You Need to Know

  • New Vehicles: Tires fitted as “Original Equipment” on new vehicles are typically registered by the vehicle dealership when the vehicle is purchased. Consumers should check with the dealership to ensure that the tire registration has been completed.

  • Tire Changes: Most independent tire dealers and distributors do not offer automatic tire registration, and they are not required to register your tires for you.

  • Used Vehicles: It is likely tires on a used vehicle are not registered at the time the used vehicle is purchased. It is the responsibility of the used vehicle purchaser to register the tires.

What Is the DOT Number?

Tire manufacturers require this number to determine if your tire(s) are subject of a recall. Each tire carries a DOT Number imprinted on the sidewall. This number is also referred to as “Tire Identification Number” (TIN). The DOT number is imprinted on the tire sidewall near the bead area where the tire is fitted onto the rim; and it is typically found on one side of the tire only, therefore, depending on how the tires are mounted, the number could be facing inward or outward.

Typically, the DOT Number begins with the letters “DOT,” followed by 10 to 13 characters. These numbers and letters represent the plant/location where the tire was manufactured, the size, pattern, brand, and the date of its manufacture.

Tire Registration

When completing the tire registration process, you need to record the DOT number for each tire. Tire manufacturers offer several options to register tires:

Tire Registration Cards

Dealers and retailers typically provide a tire registration card at the time of delivery and/or installation. The tire dealer will record the TIN/DOT Number on the registration card for each tire that is purchased; however, it is the responsibility of the consumer to complete the registration card (name, address, etc.) and mail this card to the manufacturer.

Online Tire Registration

Many tire manufacturers provide online tire registration for the specific tire brand you purchased. To register your tires online, you will need to enter DOT/TIN Number(s) along with your name and mailing address.

Online Registration Forms:

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