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As the national trade association representing the tire and rubber industry, the Association focuses on strengthening and protecting the industry’s reputation and competitiveness in Canada.  

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With tiered approach to membership, the Association welcomes to its ranks various tire and rubber businesses such as tire and rubber manufacturers, suppliers to the tire and rubber industry, and businesses focused on rubber recycling. These businesses can benefit from a broad variety of services the Association provides, including:  

Government Relations 

The Association advocates on behalf of its members, and proactively monitors government initiatives that may affect members’ business operations. The Association represents the interests of the Canadian tire and rubber industry to federal and provincial policymakers, legislators and regulators on matters of regulations, public policy, programs, compliance, and other matters.

Tire Market Information 

The Association’s comprehensive market data gives members the knowledge and key market insights they need to succeed. If an enterprise sells tires into Canadian market, the Association’s market data helps them better understand Canadian tire market and help guide business strategy when making key business decisions.

Public Affairs 

The Association represents Canadian interests with the international tire industry community and has strong working relationships with industry organizations as well as technical, technology and sustainability organizations around the world. The Association works actively with environmental, transportation, energy and other industry groups on issues and challenges that affect Canada, and with global industry counterparts, partners, collaborators, and stakeholders on technical and environmental issues that affect the tire and rubber industry globally. 


The Association built strong and lasting industry and regulatory expertise and relationships in the areas of sustainability and end-of-life tire (ELT) management and continues to work in these areas on behalf of its membership. The Association’s expertise comes from over a century of working with stakeholders and governments and supporting launches of several provincial end-of-life tire stewardship programs and organizations in Canada.


The Association’s Tire and Rubber Summit and Rubber Recycling Symposium are some of the largest tire and rubber industry events in North America. Whether your enterprise wants to gain insights into the latest industry trends, network and connect with tire and rubber companies and other industry players, or simply keep atop of the latest trends, issues and challenges the industry faces, the Association’s events are the place to be.

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

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