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Natural rubber is one of the most important and unique resources in the world, with some experts considering rubber as the fourth most important resource after air, water, and oil. The tire industry uses around 70% of natural rubber supply in the world, and the demand for rubber is expected to grow.

To protect and maintain this strategically important resource for the future, the industry strives to create and promote practices, policies, tools, and technologies that encompass social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability. The industry has set ambitious and far-reaching goals and priorities for the natural rubber supply, including standards to ensure worker health and safety, protect biodiversity and water resources, improve yields, and increase supply chain transparency and traceability.

The tire industry aims to deliver meaningful change to the natural rubber industry at the global level by bringing together tire manufacturers and other industries using natural rubber (e.g., gloves and shoes manufacturers), natural rubber suppliers and processors, representatives of individual smallholder producers, vehicle manufacturers, and non-governmental organizations to create a rubber production that will benefit all stakeholders.

Global Sustainability Initiatives:

Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i)

Tire Industry Project

International Rubber Study Group

World Wildlife Fund

Tire Manufacturers Global Sustainability Goals:

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

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