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Tire maintenance is one of the simplest and fastest car care tasks drivers can perform to increase safety and fuel economy!

With 61 percent of drivers planning a summer road trip or a drive to a vacation destination, Canadians are set to leave the pandemic in the rear-view mirror. Our survey suggests a significant number of drivers neglected their tires during the pandemic, with many not checking their tire pressures at all in the past year. Many drivers also lack the knowledge on how to properly care for their tires, knowing how often and when to measure tire pressure, or locating the right tire pressure for their tires. (News Release).

Proper tire maintenance can positively affect:

  • Vehicle safety,

  • Vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse emissions,

  • Tire life, and

  • Comfort of your ride.

We all agree these are good things, and TRAC has your back in making the most of your tires.

These videos will teach you proper tire care techniques, and how to choose the right tires for your ride.

You can find more information about tire maintenance, fuel saving tires, winter tires, and more at https://tracanada.ca/consumers/.

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