May 6, 2021

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada Launches New Website

May 6, Cambridge, Ontario – Tire and Rubber Association of Canada is pleased to officially announce the launch on April 30th of a newly designed website (tracanada.ca). The new site is user friendly, easy to navigate, and provides clear, concise, and engaging information about the organization, the tire and rubber industry in Canada, and tire information for consumers.

The new website is search engine optimized (SEO) with a socially engaging online presence. The site also consolidates TRAC’s consumer-facing “Be Tire Smart” and “Fuel Saving Tires” websites to maximize the organization’s reach by combining industry and consumer information.

The new site serves as a communications and marketing vehicle to better leverage the TRAC brand. It is a go-to resource that informs industry stakeholders about the important work of the Association and the industry and educates consumers about all things tires.

“Our goal with this new website is to showcase TRAC and provide visitors a faster and easier way to learn about our organization, gain insights into the latest developments in the Canadian and global tire and rubber industries and provide consumers with concise information about tire maintenance and safety, fuel efficient tires, and advantages of winter tires. To better serve all Canadians, the site is available in both English and French. I would like to thank Michal Majernik, TRAC’s Communications Manager, for his many months of hard work and dedication. Everyone at TRAC is very pleased with the result and we look forward to bringing new content and valuable industry information and insights to all visitors,” says Carol Hochu, President and CEO.

Key Website Features:

  • User-Centric: content is well organized so site visitors can find information easily;
  • Bilingual: the site is available in English and French to better serve the tire and rubber industry and consumers in Canada;
  • Easy Navigation: pages have been optimized to include easy-to-understand title headings;
  • Valuable and Timely Information: content is fresh and informative;
  • Mobile-Optimized: the site is mobile-friendly across all devices;
  • Social Integrated: enhanced to include TRAC’s social media platforms.

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

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