Dec 4, 2020

TRAC Statement Regarding the Study on 6PPD-Quinone and Its Potential Link to Coho Salmon Mortality

Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) issues the following statement in response to recently published research by Washington State University and the University of Washington

TRAC and the global tire industry welcome efforts of the scientific community to improve understanding of potential impacts of tire and road wear particles (TRWP) on the environment. The industry remains committed to strong science, sustainability, and continued dialogue with stakeholders, and believes in ongoing collaboration with academia, regulators, and the public, all of whom are essential to the advancement of the collective understanding for achieving safe and sustainable mobility for future generations.

Tire industry chemists and experts are now reviewing the study that suggests a link between 6PPD-Quinone, a degradation product of 6PPD found in tires, TRWP, and Coho salmon mortality (published December 3, 2020 in Science). The study consists of preliminary findings that require additional research, and the industry continues to collaborate with the scientific community to advance understanding of these findings.

As part of the tire chemistry, 6PPD antioxidant and antiozonant helps prevent tire degradation and cracking; and it is vital for tire longevity and passenger safety.

The tire industry remains committed to safety, sustainability, and understanding the impact tire materials may have on the environment.


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