Jul 8, 2021

​TireHog can effectively recycle 1,200 tires per day

Lubrication Specialties, Inc. (LSI), has introduced a practical and self-sustaining solution for recycling tires. The LSI TireHog is a 100% mobile machine that uses microwave renewable technology to recycle up to 1,200 tires per day. With the TireHog, microwaves break down tires in a continuous process along a conveyor belt, ultimately allowing for rapid reclamation of high-quality, economically valuable end products, including carbon black, oil, and natural gas.

“Our initial testing indicates one TireHog machine can produce 2.8 million pounds of carbon, 1.5 million pounds of oil, and 1.3 million pounds of gas per year,” says Chris Gabrelcik, president and CEO of Lubrication Specialties. “These estimates translate to a yearly value of $1.8 million in carbon black, $258,470 in crude oil, and $102,495 in natural gas.”

Source: Recycling Product News

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