Aug 31, 2022

Advantages of Super Wide Tires on Tractors and Combines

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cancelled most events, attendees at some of the major farm shows were treated to a rather unusual demonstration. Sponsored by Mitas Tire, it involved a New Holland T4 110 tractor equipped with super wide flotation tires (1250/50R32 on the rear and 1000/50R25 on the front) driving into a pond and literally floating in eight feet of water as the tires “paddled” it around.

Obviously, the demonstration was intended to illustrate a point, even if a tractor that size wouldn’t normally be equipped with tires that large. The goal was to prove that the new super single tires could dramatically improve flotation in the field. And, in fact, greater flotation and reduced soil compaction are one of the main features that these unique tires offer.

However, …

Source: Agriculture.com

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