Jan 17, 2022

Alberta Recycling: Environmental Fee Increased on Medium Truck Tires

Resetting the Fee on Medium Truck Tires

Medium truck tires are designed for use on highway tractor trucks, commercial trucks, buses, larger RV and trailers (examples on the right).

The environmental fee on these tires – which has remained at $9.00 since 2011 – is not enough to sustainably manage this tire when it reaches end-of-life.

The fee will therefore be increased to $14.00 effective April 1, 2022. This rate was reached through careful analysis of program needs, costs, consultation with tire industry representatives, and is supported by our Minister of Environment and Parks, the Honourable Jason Nixon.

Additionally, the minimum rim size has changed from “greater than 19.5” to a “minimum rim size of 15”. This adjustment has been made to align with the industry standard and is also in harmonization with other provincial tire programs. For the complete table of rates, please download Table of Fees for Tire Products.

Consulting with Stakeholders

ARMA has consulted with the tire industry and municipalities (stakeholders) regarding this fee change and there was strong support from the stakeholders for this change.

At the following link is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation shared with stakeholders during the consultation phase: Proposed Medium Truck Tire Fee Reset.

Additionally feel free to download Table of Fees for Tire Products for more reference material on the reset.

Source: ARMA

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