Nov 20

BlackCycle Project Wins a Recircle Award

BlackCycle is delighted to announce that this year we won the Recircle Award in the “Best Tyre Recycling Research Project” category.

The Recircle Awards is a global event designed to recognize the contribution of companies and individuals in the tyre manufacturing, retreading and recycling sectors towards the circular economy.

The BlackCycle project has been nominated two years in a row. In 2022, the project already receivedBlackCycle project wins Recircle Award in 2023. an honorable mention. This year, the Recircle award is a great recognition of the results of the project, which is co-funded by the European Union and involves 13 entities from five countries aiming to create a massive circular economy for tyres.

Orion is the only carbon black producer involved in the project.

Indeed, thanks to the BlackCycle project, the first sustainable carbon black (s-CB) produced from end-of-life tyre pyrolysis oil was made at the scale of several tons. That s-CB technology has been successfully introduced in a Michelin bus tyre along with other raw materials to get a sustainable rate of 58%.  All of that was made possible by the BlackCycle value chain driven by the stakeholders of the project.

Being honored with this award serves as evidence of the power of collaborative innovation and its impact on the tyre recycling value-chain on a global scale. The BlackCycle Project team is proud and honored to receive it and thanks all the people who voted for it.

The Blackcycle project will end in June 2024. More is coming. Please visit our website: blackcycle-project.eu

About BlackCycle:

BlackCycle (Grant agreement No 869625) is one of the R&D research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research program to implement the concept of circular economy to the end-of-life tyres at the European level. The BlackCycle project has an upcycling ambition, targeting to create a circular economy of the end-of-life tyre (ELT) into technical applications like tyre industry by producing high technical second raw materials (SRMs) from ELTs. These SRMs will be used to develop new ranges of passenger car and truck tyres, which will be sold commercially in European and global markets. The BlackCycle project consortium is formed by 12 partners from 5 different countries (Orion, Ineris, Quantis, Icamcyl, Aliapur, CSIC, CPERI/CERTH, Sisener, Pyrum, Estato, Hera, and Axelera) and led by the French world leader in tire manufacturing Michelin, https://blackcycle-project.eu/

Source: Orion

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