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Cabot Launches New Universal Circular Black Masterbatches With Certified Sustainable Material

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) today announced the launch of its new REPLASBLAK® universal circular black masterbatches with certified sustainable material. With this launch, Cabot has introduced two new products which will be sold as the industry’s first-ever universal circular black masterbatches with International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) certified content. The new REPLASBLAK universal circular black masterbatches are powered by EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions and will enable Cabot to continue to deliver the high-performance, quality and reliability that the plastics industry requires at scale for certified circular solutions.

The global transition toward a lower carbon future is driving the need for advanced sustainable solutions that support a circular economy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As such, automotive plastic compounders and converters are seeking third-party certified black masterbatch products that leverage circular value chains and recycled feedstocks in the product manufacturing process. Cabot is positioned to enable a more sustainable future with its new universal circular black masterbatch products that are made from mechanically recycled polymer. These solutions offer customers an ISCC PLUS certified single masterbatch for use in a wide range of automotive applications for coloring polyolefins and many engineering plastics.

The two new products, REPLASBLAK® reUN5285 universal circular black masterbatch and REPLASBLAK® reUN5290 universal circular black masterbatch, are powered by EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions under the recovered category. These solutions enhance Cabot’s well-established range of universal black masterbatches recognized for the coloring of a wide range of polymers with the added benefit of sustainability. The solutions offer superior versatility by enabling the use of a single masterbatch at a low addition rate, resulting in material management efficiency in the product manufacturing process. Furthermore, both grades enable high gloss and high jetness pigmentation, offering superior color performance and mechanical properties similar to a standard universal black masterbatch. This makes the solutions suitable for use in various applications in the automotive segment, including interiors, exterior parts and under-the-hood applications.

  • REPLASBLAK reUN5285 universal circular black masterbatch leverages a 45% ISCC PLUS mass balance certified material made from mechanically recycled polymer. The solution is suitable for compounding applications in the automotive industry.
  • REPLASBLAK reUN5290 universal circular black masterbatch leverages a 20% ISCC PLUS mass balance certified material made from mechanically recycled polymer. The solution is suitable for compounding as well as direct injection molding and sheet extrusion applications in the automotive industry.

“Building upon our pioneering role as the first global black masterbatch manufacturer to offer a universal grade, we are excited to expand our universal black masterbatch portfolio with our new REPLASBLAK circular masterbatches featuring ISCC PLUS certified content,” said Jeff Zhu, executive vice president and president, Carbon & Silica Technologies, Battery Materials and Asia Pacific Region. “By aligning with third-party certifications like ISCC PLUS, our customers have the validation they need to ensure the integrity and performance of our global supply chain as they progress toward their sustainability targets and ambitions. The introduction of our new products underscores our unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable materials innovation and developing novel solutions that pave the way for a more sustainable future.”

EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions is Cabot’s technology platform for delivering sustainable reinforcing carbons and other performance materials. Products powered by EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions offer sustainable content with reliable performance at industrial scale by leveraging circular value chains and/or materials recovered from end-of-life tires and/or recycled materials, and/or renewable and bio-based materials, and/or processes that reduce GHG emissions. For more information about Cabot’s REPLASBLAK product portfolio powered by EVOLVE Sustainable Solutions, visit cabotcorp.com/replasblak.

Source: Cabot

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