Jul 26, 2022

Carol Hochu: Media Magic & Old Hat

Finally, the first day of summer arrived at 5:14 a.m. ET on Tuesday June 21. Summer conjures up an excess of imagery… sun, sand, surf, shorts and, of course, a road trip. But with rising fuel prices, will summer road trips soar or sink? TRAC commissioned a nationwide public opinion survey asking this very question.

As it turned out, 66% of drivers said fuel prices would force them to cancel or limit road trips this summer. The survey also revealed a significant disconnect between drivers’ understanding that proper tire inflation improves fuel economy and protects the environment, and their actual knowledge about when and how to measure and set the correct tire pressure. …

And as the sage adage goes “timing is everything.” With multiple heartbreaking gas price increases resetting the clock on our message, the media interest saw our story pass through several news cycles for a long, long time. The campaign generated close to …

Source: Autosphere

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