Jul 4

Connecticut Passes First-in-the-Nation Tire EPR

Connecticut has become the first state to pass an EPR for tires bill in both chambers. The bill, HB 6486, is expected to be signed into law by Governor Ned Lamont. The bill requires tire manufacturers to finance, operate, and report on the post-consumer management of their products. The bill will decrease illegal dumping, better protect consumers, and boost tire recycling in the state. …

Once signed, the law is expected to increase the retreading and recycling of a significant number of the roughly 3.1 million scrap tires generated annually in the state. About 75 percent of these had been burned as tire-derived fuel (TDF) until the TDF incineration plant in Sterling, Conn. (Exeter Energy) closed in June 2014. Now there are fewer outlets for retread, recycling, or beneficial use of scrap tires in Connecticut, with a resulting increase in illegally dumped tires. …

Source: Waste Advantage Magazine

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