Oct 16

Continental’s Tire Plant in Timisoara Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Continental celebrates the 25th anniversary since the foundation of its tire plant in Timisoara, Romania, and the production of the 300 millionth tire. With total investments of over 600 million Euros since 1998, Continental has created more than 2,700 permanent jobs in Timisoara. The Timisoara tire plant has a production capacity of 16.5 million tires. It is among the biggest in Europe and hence one of the major economic contributors in the region. Christian Kötz, Head of the Tires group sector and member of the Executive Board of Continental, congratulated the colleagues during a town-hall meeting for their success story. “This anniversary is a testament to 25 years of relentless commitment to innovation and excellence. My sincere ‘thank you’ goes to the entire team in Timisoara for their great dedication and support,” said Kötz.

Continental’s Timisoara tire plant specializes in the production of a wide range of tires for both replacement and original equipment, including ultra high-performance tires and van tires, featuring sizes from 13 to 20 inches. Furthermore, the plant is currently in the testing phase to produce also 21-inch tires. “With 300 million tires produced in Timisoara, we have equipped the equivalent of around 75 million cars worldwide with safe and premium quality tires. This makes our entire team very proud, and I would like to congratulate everybody involved for this great achievement,” said Matthieu Turlure, the Plant Manager of Continental’s manufacturing facility in Timisoara.

In 2023, as the city of Timisoara takes center stage as the European Capital of Culture, Continental’s commitment to the local community remains unwavering. “Our journey, spanning 25 years, has transformed us from a greenfield plant to one of Continental’s largest tire facilities. We are proud to write our success story in Timisoara and play a vital role in the city’s growth and success,” explained Turlure. Continental Tires Timisoara actively supports various projects in the areas of health, environment, and education in the local community.

Source: Continental

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