Feb 9, 2021

ECO Green Equipment’s Tire Recycling Machine Yields 50% More Crumb Rubber with Less Power

By relying on hydraulic pumps, ECO Green’s revolutionary Krumbuster turns used tires into crumb rubber with record speed and a smaller environmental footprint.

ECO Green Equipment produces turnkey industrial tire recycling solutions to help companies turn old tires into valuable aftermarkets. And as their revolutionary Krumbuster machine shows, they’re doing it in a way that’s cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly.

Like other cracker mills, the Krumbuster machine turns recycled tires into crumb rubber that can be used in applications like artificial turf, pavement, and playground surfaces. But the machine overcomes a common industry obstacle to achieve 50% higher output than the competition while using 35% less horsepower.

Source: Digital Journal

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