Jul 26, 2021

Emterra Group Was Born Through a Minority Perspective” – Emmie Leung

Inclusion and Diversity are core values at Emterra Group. As a BIPOC female-owned and operated business, we are proud of our company’s origin story and Emterra Group’s ongoing commitment to working with forward-thinking minority and Aboriginal suppliers, partners, and customers. The company started recycling before the practise of recycling started in Canada. It began with an idea and a will to survive.  

In the mid-1970s, as a young immigrant woman, I was combing through the Winnipeg neighbourhood in search of job and noticed discarded paper and cardboard piles in back alleys. I immediately recognized an opportunity from that pile of discarded waste. Hailing from a country with huge population, recycling was mandatory to maintain the environmental health. Why not put the same idea to use here? 

It was through a minority perspective that the Emterra Group was born. …

Source: CAMSC

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