Nov 23, 2021

evo Magazine Names Pirelli P Zero 2021 the Best Ultra High-performance Tire Of The Year

The Pirelli P ZERO has firmly declared its place in the ultra high performance market as it tops an important tyre test conducted by evo magazine for the second time, surpassing leading competitors. evo refer to the P ZERO as “a tyre that proves you can have (almost) everything.” The P ZERO was pitted against eight other well-known competitors in a series of thorough challenges, designed to find evo reader’s the very best performance tyre.

evo described the Pirelli P ZERO as being the “only tyre that felt like it could make every apex on pure grip – all you had to do was keep turning. That feeling of abundant grip and settled neutrality was matched to a smooth, feel some steering that inspired confidence.”


evo’s annual performance tyre test is one of the toughest in the market, combining objective test results with the subjective opinions from a selection of experienced testers. The test criteria allows for key aspects such as handling, braking and acceleration to all be under assessment, in a range of different circumstances – including in both the wet and dry.

In terms of wet handling, “right from the off, the pace-setting Pirelli gave great feel and good feedback” wrote evo, “so it’s a tyre that you quickly trust and exploit. The final test results prove that the P ZERO offers a perfect combination of great steering and grip, hand in hand with handling that is both secure yet rewarding of a comfortable and smooth ride, going on to rank top for dry handling and on the road route. In terms of safety, the P ZERO reached the highest score also in the wet braking test, trailing the second classified tire by more than one meter and the best score in wet circle test.


The evo tyre test was conducted at a bespoke tyre test facility in Italy, using an Audi S3 test car and it was carried out with the latest P ZERO in 18-inch size, selected from a range designed to equip some of the world’s best and most desirable supercars around the world. P ZERO is synonymous with sporting performance, characterised by advanced technology derived from Pirelli’s long experience in motorsport. P ZERO tyres are selected by more than 50% of the global prestige market, meaning that more than half of the most desirable cars in the world leave their factories on Pirelli tyres.

Source: Pirelli

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