Nov 27

Goodyear Leverages Data Integration to Support OTR Fleets

Goodyear achieved the first data integration to a third-party system in its tire management solutions for the Off-The-Road (OTR) industry, showcasing the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Thanks to Hiboo’s integration of data coming from Goodyear TPMS Heavy Duty, users can experience a more unified view of tire health and vehicle performance.

Off-The-Road fleets, much like their on-road counterparts, encounter an ongoing endeavor to enhance their operational efficiency. Unexpected machine stoppages and inappropriate tire pressure can generate high breakdown costs. The key to supporting these demands lies in harnessing the power of data integration.

Proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance

With Goodyear TPMS HEAVY DUTY, fleets are able to monitor tire pressure and temperature to detect under-inflated tires, air leaks and mechanical issues allowing proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance. Goodyear has long been known for its tire technologies and innovations as well as willingness to embrace data integration and connectivity with third-party systems. This openness allows fleet operators to seamlessly integrate Goodyear’s offerings with other platforms, unlocking new possibilities for data-driven decision-making.

Understanding that data integration is a game-changer for fleet management, Goodyear has made efforts to enhance its capabilities in this regard. By actively engaging with business partner’s requirements, Goodyear has adapted its systems to ensure seamless integration, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Whether it’s for Original Equipment or aftermarket needs, Goodyear provides solutions that can seamlessly integrate with a fleet’s existing infrastructure. This not only simplifies the integration process but also ensures that fleets can leverage the full potential of their tire data.

Seamless data sharing with Hiboo

To support effective data sharing, Goodyear is collaborating with French company Hiboo, a data integration platform to complement its offering with advanced data analytics and management capabilities. Customer data like geolocation and TPMS events or alerts from Goodyear TPMS HEAVY DUTY can be seamlessly pushed to Hiboo’s data platform, offering users a unified view of tire health and vehicle performance.

Moreover, the collaboration between Goodyear and Hiboo goes beyond data sharing. By combining their systems, Goodyear can now send processed tire alerts data to the Hiboo platform, enabling real-time warnings for customers. This feature empowers fleet managers to proactively address tire-related issues, supporting safety and reducing downtime.

“We are pleased to see that the integration of Goodyear’s data with Hiboo’s platform provides fleet managers with a holistic and comprehensive overview of their fleet’s performance. Simultaneously, customers can still access Goodyear Fleethub and Goodyear Driverhub applications for more detailed insights, ensuring they have all the tools they need for successful fleet management.” – says Yves Sinner, Head of Product Management Solutions at Goodyear.

Cooperation between Goodyear and Hiboo exemplifies the transformational potential of data integration in the transport industry. By leveraging the power of data, fleet managers can make informed decisions, enhance safety, and drive operational efficiency like never before.” – adds Clément Bénard, CEO at Hiboo.

Source: Goodyear

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