Apr 13, 2023

How Bibendum Was Born

We are in the late 19th century. The “car without horses”, despite the opposition of some who see it as a “demon” (they see that anti-automobiles are nothing new) breaks into streets and roads as a symbol of a new time where the freedom of movement that it offers entails a social and cultural change.

The Michelin brothers make bicycle tires. André Michelin is convinced that the automobile is the future. But these pioneers, whose vehicles use the same wheels as horse-drawn carriages, made of wood with a metal frame or solid wheels, must be convinced that the air-inflated tire can bring them enormous advantages. …

… gambrino make way for the doll made up of tires and the glass of beer is replaced by a glass full of nails and bottle caps. And Horacio’s phrase becomes “The obstacle-swallowing tire.” …

Source: Time News

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