May 21

Michelin Doesn’t Want You to Buy as Many EV Tires

The tire maker Michelin provides original-equipment tires for seven out of 10 EVs sold in the U.S. And yet it acknowledges that EV drivers shouldn’t be buying as many tires as they are.

It’s a technology challenge on multiple fronts. EVs wear through tires quicker, as they weigh more and their torque-rich motor systems tear away more persistently at the tread.

Michelin sees a future in which its tires might be more expensive but last much longer and be much less impactful on the environment. For a company built around a wearable item with a finite service life, that’s an unexpected tack.

“Our goal is not just to sell more tires; we want to sell better tires—in multiple ways,” summed the company’s North American CEO Alexis Garcin …

Source: Green Car Reports

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