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NEXEN TIRE Fosters Brand Presence With German Football LED Exposure

NEXEN TIRE, one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, is excited to announce a significant increase in its brand presence in Germany by showcasing its brand at five prominent Bundesliga 1 clubs. This strategic initiative aims to broaden NEXEN TIRE’s reach across Germany, reinforcing its commitment to the European market.

NEXEN TIRE will be exposed on the perimeter at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, FC Heidenheim, FC Augsburg, FSV Mainz 05, and VfL Bochum 1848. This collaboration underscores NEXEN TIRE’s dedication to aligning with top-tier football clubs and engaging with the passionate Bundesliga fan base.

To maximize audience engagement and brand recognition, NEXEN TIRE has strategically chosen to expose its brand in the most populated regions of Germany. This approach ensures that NEXEN TIRE reaches a diverse and extensive audience, capitalizing on the popularity and reach of Bundesliga football.

The advertisement will be prominently displayed at every Bundesliga home match of each club for the entire 2024/25 season. This initiative guarantees consistent brand exposure throughout the season, allowing NEXEN TIRE to connect with millions of football enthusiasts across the country.

“We are excited to enhance our brand presence in Germany through this strategic partnership with these esteemed Bundesliga clubs,” said Peter Gulow, Vice President Europe Central & East at NEXEN TIRE. “Our goal is to connect with a broader audience and reinforce our brand’s visibility in the European key-markets. The Bundesliga offers an exceptional platform to engage with fans across Europe.”

NEXEN TIRE’s increased brand exposure in the German Bundesliga is a testament to its ongoing efforts to expand its market presence and strengthen brand recognition in Europe. This strategic move highlights NEXEN TIRE’s commitment to engaging with a passionate sports audience and underscores its broader global sports marketing strategy.

Nexen Tire partners with the football clubs, Manchester City and Juventus Turin and SK Slavia to reinforce its brand recognition in the European region.


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