May 16, 2023

Pirelli’s General Manager of Operations Touts The Next Great Tire Technology

Digital connectivity could trickle down to everyday consumer tires and enhance safety, cornering grip, and speed

Andrea Casaluci has spent the better part of two decades working for Pirelli in a number of different positions. Since 2018, he’s been the General Manager of Operations high in the command center at the tire company. Today, he’s looking ahead at the business with a great weight on his shoulders to continue Pirelli’s long-term and short-term success.

At the 2023 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, he took some time to talk with Carscoops about the future and how Pirelli works with OEMs to create bespoke tires. Here’s what he had to say.

CS: For years we’ve seen incremental progress but no big leaps forward in everyday consumer tire tech. What’s the next big seismic shift in tire technology?

AC: Thank you for the question, digitization, and connectivity that is entering into the development of tires will play a key role in the future. We can get a lot of information through sensors and transmit this information to the control unit of the car or why not, through a smartphone, communicate with consumers? Pirelli is the sole tire maker in the industry …

Source: Car Scoops

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