Nov 4, 2021

RPRA Publishes Revised Tire Performance Audit Procedure

The Authority has finalized and posted its revised Tire Performance Audit Procedure. The procedure is used to verify the tire collection and management (reuse, retreading or processing) performance data that producers, or producer responsibility organizations (PROs) working on their behalf, are required to submit to the Authority annually.

Review the revised Tire Performance Audit Procedure.

Between April 1, 2021, and April 30, 2021, the Authority reviewed and consulted on its original Tire Performance Audit Procedure. All feedback received during the consultation was considered by the Authority in finalizing the procedure. Visit our consultation webpage to learn more about the consultation process and read the consultation report.

The original Tire Performance Audit Procedure was developed in consultation with stakeholders in 2019, ahead of the first performance reporting year for tires in 2020. The Authority reviewed the procedure in 2021 to ensure it reflects the most up to date information and any lessons learned from the first reporting year.

Based on feedback received from PROs and their auditors, the Authority made several revisions to the procedure, including adding sections related to the validation of collection and resource recovery performance credits that have been transferred by PROs and clarifying language throughout the procedure to provide further guidance to PROs and their auditors.

Also in line with stakeholder feedback, the revised procedure will be implemented for the 2022 reporting year.

Source: RPRA

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