Mar 7, 2023

Russia’s Sukhoi Superjets Will Stop Using Michelin Tires This Year

Late last year in November, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100s) was being customized with brand-new aircraft rolling off the production lines fitted with second-hand engines. Then the following month, in December, new SSJ100s were also fitted with certified Russian friction brake discs instead of imported ones.

Such improvisations to the SSJ100s further signify how dire the shortage of foreign manufacturers and spare parts in Russia has gotten due to the imposed sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine. And the situation keeps heading downhill, as the SSJ100s are expected to stop using Michelin tires by the end of this year.

An initial deadline of March 2023

Back in 2004, French tire manufacturer Michelin was the first-ever international tire company to open its own production line in Russia, situated in Davydovo. The manufacturer produced about two million car and aircraft tires annually. …

Source: Simple Flying

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