Nov 2

Sailun Tire Americas: More Options, More Value

Rovelo’s Arctic Vision is designed to deliver flexibility, value and peace-of-mind.

One of the realities most of us in Canada can’t escape is winter. Driving in it presents its own unique set of challenges, including traction and handling. That’s why good quality winter tires have proven to be hugely advantageous. Sailun Tire Americas understands this, which is why it has been diligently at work introducing its Arctic Vision range of winter tires under the Rovelo brand.

Core brand

Exclusively distributed across Canada through Groupe Touchette, Rovelo is one of STA’s core brands. “Since 2018, Rovelo has really been gaining prominence in the Canadian market,’ explains James McIntyre, Vice President, Sales, Canada for Sailun Tire Americas. He notes that …

Source: Autosphere

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