Apr 25, 2022

Europe Sees Spike in Demand for Recycled Rubber Following Invasion of Ukraine

Synthos and TRS … report a sharp increase in interest in TireXol™ recycled rubber. This surge in interest is attributed to the reduced availability of SR and carbon black since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, as well as to the upcoming regulatory changes in Europe that are likely to mandate the use of recycled content in tire production.

Although Europe produces about 1 million tonnes of carbon black annually, in Germany, Hungary and Italy, it remains dependent on imports of the main feedstocks for carbon black production (e.g., heavy oils) as well as carbon black imports. With total European consumption of carbon black estimated at 1.6 million tonnes per year, Russian and Ukrainian supplies account for about 38 percent of the market, leading to an urgent need among tire and rubber manufacturers to seek an alternative supply. …

Source: IRJ

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