Oct 3, 2022

Tire Business Ranks the Five Largest Tire Manufacturers Worldwide

The five largest tire manufacturers worldwide, as ranked by Tire Business in the 37th annual Global Tire Report, remained unchanged from the 2021 ranking.

Group Michelin continued to top the charts with an estimated fiscal 2021 global tire-manufacturing revenue of $26.3 billion. Bridgestone Corp. ranked closely behind, followed by Goodyear, Continental A.G. and Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

For the annual ranking, Tire Business rates tire makers on their revenue from the sale of tires they have manufactured in order to achieve a more equitable “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Items such as third-party sales of raw materials as well as estimates for non-tire items such as auto-service-related revenue at company-owned retail stores on non-tire rubber and/or plastics goods, are excluded. …

Sourcee: Tire Business

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