Mar 25, 2021

Toward a more sustainable use of nanomaterials in tires

Geneva, 17 March 2021: The Tire Industry Project (TIP) has contributed to an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report that aims to help bridge the gap that could arise between suitable health and environmental risk assessment tools and frameworks, and the rapid innovation of nanotechnologies.

The report – “Moving Towards a Safe(r) Innovation Approach (SIA) for More Sustainable Nanomaterials and Nano-enabled Products – is the latest in an OECD series* on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials. TIP contributed to the report via the OECD’s Business and Industry Advisor Committee (BIAC), building on collaboration that saw publication of the 2014 OECD report – Nanotechnology and Tyres: Greening Industry and Transport.

Source: WBCSD

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