Aug 23, 2022

University of South Australia Conducts Study on End-of-life Tires for Construction

A study which tested and verified the structural integrity of walls constructed using end-of-life tires filled with earth has been conducted by The University of South Australia (UniSA). The study’s positive results could provide new opportunities  for reusing old tires within the construction sector.

Until now, there has been no strong data recorded on the use of tires for construction which has resulted in a limited use of the end-of-life product by architects and engineers. A UniSA team consisting of Yachong Xu, Martin Freney, Reza Hassanli, Yan Zhuge, Mizanur Rahman and Rajibul Karim, and supported by Tyre Stewardship Australia, assessed the structural integrity of a test tire wall to evaluate how it performed under various conditions. …

Source: TTi

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