Jun 28, 2021

USTMA Kicks Off National Tire Safety Week

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2021–The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) today kicked off its annual consumer tire safety awareness campaign, National Tire Safety Week. The campaign, running through July 4, 2021 and highlighting the theme: “Do Your P.A.R.T., Know Your Roll,” is designed to educate consumers about the importance of proper tire care and maintenance. The acronym P.A.R.T. is used to help drivers remember to check their tires’ Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, and Tread.  USTMA also released key findings of a recent survey, in partnership with Discount Tire and Ipsos, showing drivers know the basics, but need more knowledge about tire safety, specifically pressure, tread, and rotation.

Tire safety essentials are especially important this year as significant numbers of motorists are back in their cars embarking on summer road trips for the first time since the pandemic began.  While it’s predicted that travel will increase significantly this summer – 73 percent of drivers indicate they plan to take a road trip this summer alone – many have reported neglecting tire maintenance. In fact, more than half of Americans plan to travel only by car this summer to reach their vacation destinations. And 70 percent of drivers across the U.S. reported not checking their tire pressure in the 30 days prior, despite professional recommendations to do so at least once a month.

Source: USTMA

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