2 weeks ago

“When Rubber Hit the Road” Uniroyal Documentary

This summer will mark 32 years since the Uniroyal tire plant left Eau Claire for good. Impacting families, the local economy and a way of life.

Now, a documentary on that impact is premiering in Eau Claire this week.

It’s a story you may know very well.

“After about 75 years in town, the rubber city, as we were often known, lost its main tire plant. So in 1992, it closed for good. About 1300 of the jobs were lost. And it was really devastating for the community, both economically and socially,” said B.J. Hollars with Fireside Productions.

Now filmmakers B.J. Hollars and Steve Dayton with Fireside Productions is bringing the story back into the limelight, with their new film “When Rubber Hit the Road.” …

Source: WEAU 13 News

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