Nov 13, 2018

Canadian Drivers Believe Winter Tires Saved Them

Eighty per cent of winter tire owners believe driving a vehicle equipped with winter tires has saved them from being involved in a potentially hazardous driving situation such as loss of control or a collision, according to a new consumer survey commissioned by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC).

“Canadian drivers who have embraced winter tires have spoken and provided this very telling insight,” says Glenn Maidment, President of TRAC. “They confirmed what we already know—that the superior performance of winter tires has a place in Canada, and that their greater grip and significantly shorter stopping distances on all cold-weather road surfaces keep Canadians safer on winter roads.”

TRAC’s 2018 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study also found that 76 per cent of Canadian motorists now use winter tires. In comparison, TRAC’s 2017 study found 66 per cent of drivers were using winter tires. Excluding Quebec, where winter tires are required by law, winter tire usage stands at 71 per cent. Last year’s study found 61 per cent of drivers were using winter tires outside Quebec. 

The top motivations for purchasing winter tires, include: winter tire laws (34 per cent); advice from family and friends (17 per cent); lower auto insurance premiums (11 per cent), and positive media coverage (seven per cent).

“At 17 per cent, advice from family and friends represents a major driver when it comes to drivers switching to winter tires,” says Maidment. “So, we can effectively link the increases in winter tire utilisation directly with people sharing their positive experience with winter tires.” …

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Find the full Study here.


Ready for the Winter Roads?

Download Winter Driving Tips (PDF) Download Canadian Winter Tire List (PDF)

Braving winter roads is a Canadian tradition, so to help warm your winter driving mood, we’ve put these safety-enhancing, money-saving tips and resources together just for you!

TIP #1 – Get a Grip

The thermometer only needs to hit 7 degrees Celsius for winter tires to significantly improve traction and stopping distances compared to all-seasons:

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TIP #2 – Gear Up

You wouldn’t brave the outdoors without the right clothing so why leave your ride hanging? Download this tip sheet for winter proofing your vehicle and check out our video on essential winter driving gear:

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TIP #3 – Get Street Smart

Watch Raptors in-game and digital host, Kat Stefankiewicz, put her skills to the test and learn how you can also step up your winter driving game:

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