Nov 7

Anyline Uses AI to Analyze Tire Health and Offer Fleet Insights

The rubber under your equipment plays a major role in fleet expenses. Along with the normal tire wear-and-tear, their health can affect fuel efficiency and uptime. Anyline recently launched a Tire & Vehicle Analytics platform to provide fleet managers with more visibility and actionable insights.

The AI-enabled predictive platform pairs with the Vienna-based software provider’s existing Commercial Tire Tread Scanner software. Available on any camera-enabled smartphone or mobile device, the scanner captures and digitizes relevant data including tire sidewall, tread depth, and vehicle data, including tire DOT codes, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), license plates, and barcode information. The new analytic platform tracks, analyzes, and correlates that data with external sources to identify issues such as dangerously worn-out tires. …

Source: Fleet Owner

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