Aug 24, 2021

BKT Draws on Industrial Machinery Expertise to Ruggedize Tractor Tires

Following feedback from farmers, tire manufacturer BKT says it has developed the latest Agrimax Fortis tractor tire to better survive the rocky conditions found in some European areas, such as Catalonia in Spain and the Massif Central in France.

Drawing on knowledge gained from the industrial machinery sector, BKT now offers the tire with a new compound that provides enhanced reinforcement and can withstand cuts, tears, sharp stones and other stresses associated with working in rock-covered areas. BKT states that the compound has a harder durometer, around 10Sh(A) greater than its regular compound, reducing the chance of a puncture.

The tire is designed for use in soil preparation, planting and treatment operations, and BKT notes that it has good traction on uneven terrain and a high flotation capacity. This results in less soil compaction and a lower rolling resistance to bring down fuel consumption and consequently reduce emissions.

Source: Tire Technology International

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