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Bridgestone Announces Major Change for Electric Car Owners

While manufacturers claim many vehicles are zero-emission, tyres are still large polluters. However, a recent trip to Bridgestone showed how that may change.

Across the world, companies and motorists alike are being put under pressure to make the switch from a petrol or diesel car to a fully electric alternative.

However, whilst many car brands manufacture these models as having ‘zero emissions’, since they do not have an engine that can produce carbon dioxide, tyres can still be a heavy polluter.

With tyres producing around 6.1 million tonnes of pollution each year, manufacturers such as Bridgestone are making the development of cleaner alternatives.

Speaking at a Europe-wide press event at the company’s Technical Centre near Rome, Italy, Bridgestone’s Chief Technology Officer Emilio Tiberio voiced plans to have a range of 100 percent sustainable tyres on the market by 2050. …

Source: Express

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