Nov 28

Bridgestone Honored Sustainability Award by Airbus

Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) announced that it has received a supplier award in the sustainability category by Airbus, a pioneer in aerospace industry. The Global Supplier Conference was held in Toulouse, France on October 16-17, 2023. This coveted award was made in recognition of Bridgestone’s efforts to realize a sustainable society.

Under its unchanging mission of “Serving Society with Superior Quality,” Bridgestone has set forth a vision-”Toward 2050, Bridgestone continues to provide social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company”-and is striving forward to realize this vision, with the “Bridgestone E8 Commitment” *1 as the axis. In the Aviation business, we are working to establish Bridgestone’s unique Sustainability Business Model toward the realization of carbon neutrality and a circular economy to our business model toward nature positive*2 across the entire value chain where we “produce and sell”, “use”, and “renew” products throughout its value chain along with the Group’s vision.

1. Reduce CO2 emission*3 Bridgestone is promoting the introduction of renewable energy generating electricity with solar panels and wind power in order to reduce CO2 emissions through its manufacturing process. The weight-saving tires allow aircraft to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Bridgestone is evolving its global supply chain management, reducing lead time for customer orders in our supply chain, while contributing to reduction of CO2 emissions in transit.

2. Value natural resources*3 Aircraft business consists of new tire business and retreading. The Group will improve resource productivity, through maximizing the use of natural rubber as much as possible and making use of retread multiple times. As a result, the company retains approximately 80% of recycle and renewable material ratio which contribute to realize circular economy in the society.

3. Working together for minimizing environmental impact Bridgestone and Airbus support the sustainability vision of each business and have taken concrete actions together from 2021. To support Airbus’s activities to reduce environmental impact across the entire lifecycle of aircraft, Bridgestone has made strides to visualize how its business impacts on the environment and how to fulfill our responsibility on the issue throughout Aircraft tire supply chain.

Nobuyuki Tamura, Vice President and Senior Officer, Global-Mining, Industrial, Construction and Aviation Tire Solutions said, “We are honored to receive this Airbus supplier award in sustainability category as a tire supplier. Through the learning from Airbus life cycle assessment activities, we are accelerating our initiatives. Throughout the initiatives in the whole value chain, we are enhancing both customer value and social value with various partners including Airbus.

Through accelerating various initiatives with partners to realizing carbon neutrality and a circular economy across Aviation value chain, Bridgestone strives to achieve its corporate commitment for “Energy” and “Ecology” values of the Bridgestone E8 Commitment, which outline Bridgestone’s corporate commitment to the realization of a carbon neutral mobility society (Energy) and to advancing sustainable tire technologies and solutions that preserve the environment for future generations (Ecology).

  1. Bridgestone established its corporate commitment, the “Bridgestone E8 Commitment,” to help it realize its vision: “Toward 2050, Bridgestone continues to provide social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company.” This commitment will serve as the Group’s axis to drive management while earning the trust of future generations. The “Bridgestone E8 Commitment” consists of eight uniquely Bridgestone values starting with the letter “E” (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease, and Empowerment) that the Group will commit to creating through distinctly Bridgestone purposes and processes, together with employees, society, partners, and customers to help realize a sustainable society. https://www.bridgestone.com/corporate/news/pdf/2022030101.pdf
  2. Nature positive: The term “nature positive” refers to action for stopping or reversing losses to biodiversity and natural capital with the goal of spurring the recovery of the natural environment. It is used to highlight transitions to social and economic activities aimed at reducing the impact of businesses on biodiversity and natural capital, preserving and restoring natural bounties, and using natural capital in a sustainable manner.
  3. Long-term environmental vision: Looking ahead to the world in 2050: https://www.bridgestone.com/responsibilities/environment/vision/2030/

Source: Bridgestone

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