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Cabot Wins Tire Technology International 2024 Awards For Innovation And Excellence

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) has won the Tire Technology International 2024 Awards for Innovation and Excellence in the “Chemicals and Compounding Innovation of the Year” category for its E2C DX9660 engineered elastomer composite. The Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence award celebrates recent advances in tire technology and progress toward a greener and more sustainable industry. As such, Cabot’s E2C DX9660 has been recognized as a solution that delivers performance and sustainability benefits for tire customers across the globe.

The Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence celebrate the very best innovations and achievements across the tire industry during the last 12 months. Comprised of 13 categories, the awards were coordinated by Tire Technology International magazine and officiated by a panel of international journalists and industry experts. Winners were announced at an awards ceremony held in Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany, during the Tire Technology Expo 2024.

“We are honored to be recognized by Tire Technology International for our innovative E2C DX9660 solution,” said Aatif Misbah, vice president and general manager, Sustainable Solutions, Reinforcement Materials segment. “As we work together toward a lower carbon future, we are proud to be recognized by our industry experts for our ability to leverage the power of innovative chemistry to continuously develop new solutions that help tire formulators make measurable progress toward their sustainability targets and ambitions. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the unwavering hard work of our E2C team to bring to market a solution that enables a more sustainable future without compromising product performance.”

E2C DX9660 elastomer composite is produced in a proprietary and patented mixing process that enables superior carbon black dispersion and improved rubber properties for on-road commercial tire applications. Utilizing Cabot’s Light Touch™ mixing guidelines, its DX9660 grade delivers an approximately 30% increase in abrasion resistance without sacrificing rolling resistance over conventional compounds. The on-road performance of this product has been validated by customers globally. Furthermore, by delivering high levels of tread wear resistance, the DX9660 solution results in a reduction of end-of-life tires, thereby enabling a more sustainable future.

Cabot’s E2C solutions offer a diverse array of products tailored for tire manufacturers and industrial applications to deliver performance and sustainability benefits. The E2C solutions not only produce high quality dispersions of traditional and hard to disperse fillers but also can be used with sustainable reinforcement agents such as reclaimed carbons and other bio-based materials. Cabot’s E2C solutions have been successfully used, deployed and tested in off-the-road (OTR) tires; truck, bus and radial (TBR) tires; and industrial products markets. For more information about Cabot’s E2C solutions, visit cabotcorp.com/e2c.

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