Oct 27, 2022

Carol Hochu: A Circular Approach

Effective end-of-life tire management is critical to ensuring a truly sustainable economy. 

October is known for a multitude of holidays and celebrations including Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Columbus Day in the U.S, both on Monday, October 10. But October also celebrates Circular Economy (CE) Month (including Waste Reduction Week), and public awareness campaigns of the Circular Innovation Council (CIC) here in Canada. Throughout the month of October, the CIC invites Canadians to learn about the CE, celebrate individual and collective efforts, embrace circular solutions, and encourage others to act. You can learn more about CE Month by visiting wrwcanada.com.

Extended responsibility

In the run-up to CE month, I recently attended the Conference on Canadian Stewardship in Toronto. The event …

Source: Autosphere

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