Oct 26, 2022

Why All-Weather Tire Sales Are Heating Up

The all-weather category is growing at a rapid clip. How fast? Just look at the numbers. “All-weather tire sales in the United States have nearly doubled over the past couple of years,” says Tsuyoshi Johnson, product manager, PCR tires, for Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc. (SRNA), which makes and markets the Falken brand.

“January 2020 saw 1.2 million units sold compared to January 2022’s 2.1 million units. We feel that’s a drastic increase and certainly makes the all-weather category worth paying attention to.”

In this article, tire manufacturers and marketers weigh in on why the all-weather category will continue to expand, with an important caveat – dedicated winter tires and all-season tires aren’t going away anytime soon. (Responses are listed in alphabetical order, according to name of company.) …

Source: MTD

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