Jun 7, 2021

Continental is Committed to Sustainable Business Worldwide

Hanover, Germany, June 4, 2021. Setting an example, promoting ecological courage and drawing attention to the numerous environmental problems – since the first United Nations World Environment Summit in Stockholm in 1972, June 5 of each year has been the official World Environment Day. The international day of action is intended as a reminder that humanity itself holds the key to preserving the diversity and stability of the environment. In order to sensitize its employees to the responsible use of resources in their daily lives, Continental has been encouraging mindful awareness of environmental topics at all tire locations worldwide since 2013 with its annual Energy & Environment Days (EE Days). The internal initiative focuses on energy efficiency, water conservation, and the efficient use of natural resources to prevent waste.

“We understand sustainable business as our responsibility and are convinced that the contribution of each individual is important to enable Continental to be the most progressive tire company in terms of environmental and social responsibility by 2030,” explains Claus Petschick, Head of Sustainability of the Tires business area at Continental. He adds, “The Energy & Environment Days are an important internal platform for us to highlight and honor our strategic initiatives, achievements, and the personal contribution we make to achieving our environmental goals locally.”


Source: Continental

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