Jun 1, 2023

Dartmouth Carbon Company Meeting with U.S. Department of Defense

All Paul Beasant knew heading into a Wednesday meeting with the U.S. Department of Defence was that the Americans wanted to talk about at least one of the materials his company is making.

Beasant is the CEO of Nova Graphene, headquartered in Dartmouth, which uses powdered carbon to make, for example, 3D printable military grade bulletproof vests.

After presenting at a defense trends symposium last month, he’s in Ottawa this week to take part in the annual global defense and security trade show called CANSEC. …

“Our main goal is to create a graphene-enhanced tire rubber that will reduce microplastics flung into the environment, so the little bits of tire worn off per kilometre driven will drop,” said Beasant. …

Source: Saltwire

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