Aug 9

Dunlop Celebrating 50 Years Of Tire Production In Buffalo, New York

It may be hard to believe that Dunlop has been a critical part of the Western New York Community for 100 years now, with its first tire rolling off the assembly line in 1923. For half of those 100 years, this factory produced over 20 million motorcycle tires for the North American market. Back in the early 1970s, motorcycle tire molds were moved from the Dunlop plant in Whitby, Ontario, across the Canadian border to the nearby Dunlop factory located in Tonawanda, New York, just outside the Buffalo city limits. By 1973, this plant was producing the K81, K70, and eventually the K88 motorcycle tires. …

Today, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires remains the largest motorcycle tire manufacturer headquartered and fully operational within the United States. The company is the largest motorcycle tire producer based in the North American market. …

Source: RW

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