Feb 1, 2023

Ecolomondo Announces Successful First Pyrolysis Batch at Its Hawkesbury TDP Facility

Ecolomondo Corporation (TSXV: ECM) (OTC: ECLMF) (the “Company” or “Ecolomondo”), a cleantech company specializing in the commercialization of its Thermal Decomposition Process (“TDP”) proprietary recycling technology and the building and operating of turnkey TDP facilities globally, has successfully processed its first thermal decomposition batch with its new state-of-the-art reactor installed at its recently built Hawkesbury TDP facility.

Ecolomondo performed on January 11, 2023, a first batch in Reactor 1 with complete success. Every part of the thermal reaction, reactor evacuation and control systems worked flawlessly and according to expectations. Ecolomondo’s technical and production teams were on site to perform the batch, first ever of the latest generation reactor.

This successful outcome is not surprising as Ecolomondo developed its proprietary technology over 25 years at its Contrecoeur (Quebec) pilot plant. The pilot plant consists of 2 industrial-size reactors that were developed and tested over many years, providing key data for setting technical specifications and developing all parameters required to obtain high quality end-products. The pilot plant and the hundreds of tests set the groundwork for the Hawkesbury commercial TDP facility.

Considering that all other sectors of the Hawkesbury TDP facility have been commissioned, Ecolomondo expects to begin its start-up stage immediately with ramp-up production to soon begin, leading gradually to full commercial operations.

“This is a very satisfying moment for me personally. To have achieved this milestone after 15 years of steadfast commitment is gratifying. TDP is an impressive technology, it serves purpose and will benefit society by being a global participant to the circular economy and contributor to the planet’s sustainability. The Hawkesbury facility is a huge undertaking, while building it, I assure you, we cut no corners, and spared no cost to make it one of the most advanced pyrolysis plants on the planet”, says Eliot Sorella, Chairman & CEO of Ecolomondo.

Source: Ecolomondo

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