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Every Tire Used in the 2024 Tour de France

Tubes, tubeless, and all kinds of width: All of the nerdy details you ever wanted about what tires teams are riding in the Tour de France.

More and more gear is standardized across the teams in the Tour de France. Everyone is using either SRAM or Shimano. Most use the same gearing too. And while the teams have largely seemed to settle on 28 mm tires, there are a few exceptions. We searched the team paddocks to take a closer look at what everyone is riding.

What road bike tires do the best teams in the Tour de France ride? What width do they use, and why? We dive into all of that and more below.

Continental: Nine teams

Vittoria: Eight Teams

Specialized: Two teams

Schwalbe, Pirelli, and Michelin each have a team …

Source: Velo

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