Jul 20, 2022

First on CNN: Goodyear Developing Airless Metal Tires for GM’s Moon Buggy

New York (CNN Business) General Motors and Lockheed Martin are working together on a new Lunar Rover. but it needs tires. So, Goodyear is now joining the team.

GM (GM) and Goodyear (GT) have been over this dry, dusty ground before. Both companies worked on NASA’s original Lunar Roving Vehicles that went to the moon in the early 1970s. GM (then working with Boeing, instead of Lockheed Martin) and the three lunar rovers they created are still up there sitting on Goodyear tires made from wire mesh.
Tires like the ones we use on Earth — made from rubber and filled with air — won’t work on the moon for a few reasons.
First, enormous temperature swings from up to …
Source: CNN

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