Oct 19, 2022

Tire Review: From F1 to the Showroom: Talking Racing Royalty With Pirelli

It was a warm and sunny day in Austin, Texas, when my life changed forever. With my face pressed firmly against the tall safety fence leading up to turn one at Circuit of The Americas, I saw a race car do something that defied my understanding of physics up until that point in my life.

The number 16 Ferrari cut through the damp autumn air at 205 mph up the famous turn one hill before making a sharp left-hand turn at 62 mph. Growing up, I was always a fan of stock car racing, but that all changed in 2019 when I witnessed firsthand “The Greatest Racing Spectacle on The Planet” at the U.S. Grand Prix.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with understanding the technical details of a series widely considered to be “The Pinnacle of Motor Racing.” And naturally, as a second-generation tire guy myself, I absolutely love that tires play such a pivotal role in Formula One racing.

But of course, this is nothing new. America’s infatuation with motor racing dates back to May 1911 when the first cars careened across the hallowed bricks of the Indianapolis 500 and later in 1948, when the first stock cars raced on the beaches in Daytona. Speed and power are part of our DNA here in America.

The Italian Job

As it turns out, this culture and deep passion for speed and horsepower is not uniquely American. “That’s part of our culture. We have the motor valley in Emilia Romagna, where we have famous brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani,” says Pirelli’s Head of F1 and Car Racing Mario Isola. “I believe that’s part of our DNA. We have a lot of brands in Italy and passion around these brands.” …

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