Dec 5, 2022

Giti Tire Doubles Down on Commitment to U.S. Market

Giti Tire (USA) Ltd. is doubling down on its commitment to the United States market. “Our presence in America over the last decade has been redefined,” says Wai Yeen-Phang, the company’s CEO.

Phang – along with David Poling, Giti Tire’s director of tire development and product marketing – recently sat down with MTD Editor Mike Manges in Las Vegas, Nev., to discuss the company’s performance, production, product plans, dealer strategy and more.

MTD: Describe Giti Tire’s performance in U.S. this year… 

Phang: I would say that our challenges are just like anyone in this industry as we have gone through the last few years. We had the pandemic. Then we had global supply chain disruptions. Our challenges were the same as everyone’s challenges. But most importantly for us, …

Source: MTD

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